DTV1 .com is a graphics, multimedia, movie, video and audio company specialized in translating ideas and messages into vivid digital images, in a variety of environment that entertains as it informs. Membership in DTV1 CLUB is Free to the Graphic Designer, Artist, Poet, Essayist, Writer, Musician, Web Designer, Digital Movie and Video Producer. Part of the benefits of Membership is a www-presence in the form of the Publication of a Portfolio, Resume, Artistic venture. DTV1 Blog is a global address for creative minds to exchange information.

Made up of semi-independent graphic designers, multimedia specialists, movie/video/audio producers and other creative art gurus (fine-artists, musicians, writers), DTV1.COM operates under the production umbrella of Digital Times Vision Incorporated. For the client, this means VARIETY of creative specialists. For the Expert, it spells VARIATION in assignments. As a result, DTV1.COM is able to offer an innovative cost effective alternative to conventional business services. For example: short term graphic services at about the same hourly rate as long term employment would attract.